Luxury Sedan

The smartest executives know the classiest way to travel is with the aid of a private, luxury sedan. And nothing says classier more than the Lincoln MKS. The Lincoln MKS is a full-sized, five passenger luxury sedan. Making it great for personal transportation, regardless of the type of event or destination.

This top luxury sedan is in a universe all to itself. Leather interiors and suede panels give you the perfect feeling of elegance no matter where you’re going. Enjoy the finer things in life with our expert service and our luxury sedan vehicles.

  • Capacity: 4
  • Recommended: Personal transportation
  • Vehicle: Lincoln MKS

Luxury SUV

Choose from one of our two Cadillac Escalades. These luxury SUVs have room to spare. Making them the perfect option for airport runs, business car services, or group outings to concerts, sport games or other special events. With unmatched style and comfort, there’s hardly anything more professional than these SUVs.

Start off your trip the right way. All of our precision SUVs are equipped with leather interiors and DVD players. Even if your time with us is short—we’re sure to make it memorable. Treat yourself to a taste of luxury today.

  • Capacity: 6
  • Recommended: Corporate transportation
  • Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade
2010 Cadillac Escalade

Economy Van

Our Ford Transit offers our clients the flexibility and utility of a cargo van. Perfect for hauling luggage, large equipment or party decorations. Our clients love these vans for weddings or funerals where they need to transport a variety of items. We guarantee safe and quality handling of all your valuable cargo.

Our economy vans are a great option for the frequent group travelers also. Our drivers will handle your luggage for you! Don’t worry about a thing. This vehicle is fully able to store all of its passengers and their luggage, without the feeling of being crowded.

  • Capacity: 7
  • Recommended: Event transportation
  • Vehicle: Ford Transit
Ford Transit

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